What Your Sex Life Would Look Like In A Spotify Yearly Wrap Up

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As the end of the year approaches, Spotify users are eagerly anticipating their yearly wrap up, a personalized summary of their most listened to songs, artists, and genres. But what if Spotify could also provide a wrap up of your sex life? Imagine a detailed breakdown of your sexual activity throughout the year, complete with statistics, trends, and even a playlist of your most played bedroom tunes. Let's take a look at what your sex life would look like in a Spotify yearly wrap up.

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Top Played Positions

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Just like your most played songs, your Spotify sex wrap up would reveal your top played positions. Whether it's missionary, doggy style, or something more adventurous, this statistic would provide insight into your sexual preferences and habits. You might be surprised to see which position took the top spot and how it compares to previous years.

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Most Streamed Partner

In the same way that Spotify shows you your most streamed artists, your sex wrap up would reveal your most streamed partner. Whether it's a long-term relationship, a casual fling, or a series of one-night stands, this statistic would give you a clear picture of who you spent the most time with in the bedroom. It could also shed light on any trends or patterns in your sexual partners throughout the year.

Frequent Listener Badge

Just like earning a frequent listener badge for a particular artist or genre, your sex wrap up could award you a frequent listener badge for a specific sexual activity. Whether it's oral sex, role play, or using sex toys, this badge would highlight the activities that you engaged in most frequently throughout the year. It could also serve as a reminder to mix things up and try new experiences in the coming year.

Top 5 Bedroom Anthems

One of the most exciting features of your sex wrap up would be the playlist of your top 5 bedroom anthems. Just as Spotify compiles your most played songs into a personalized playlist, your sex wrap up would curate a collection of the songs that you listened to most during intimate moments. From slow and sensual tracks to upbeat and energetic tunes, this playlist would provide a soundtrack to your sexual experiences throughout the year.

Trends and Insights

In addition to these specific statistics, your sex wrap up could also provide trends and insights into your overall sexual activity. It could reveal peak times of sexual activity, fluctuations in frequency, and any notable changes in your behavior. This information could help you understand your own sexual patterns and make informed decisions about your future experiences.


While a Spotify yearly wrap up for your sex life may still be a fantasy, the concept is a fun and intriguing way to think about our sexual experiences. By reflecting on our sexual activity in a similar way to our music habits, we can gain new perspectives and insights into our own desires and behaviors. And who knows, maybe one day Spotify will make this fantasy a reality. Until then, we can continue to enjoy our personalized music wrap ups and imagine what our sex wrap up might look like.